The Healing Power of Drumming!

Womankind supports the community drum of Flagstaff. Follow Flagstaff Drumming Into the Seasons on Facebook for information about upcoming Solstice and Equinox drumming events.

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WomanKind, LLC is Changing!

After nearly ten years, WomanKind is revamping its service mission. Stay turned for more news, or follow us on Facebook for the latest!

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Be Part of Our Journey!

Coming soon: What makes you come alive? Is it yoga? Dance? Service? Great Food? Drumming? Communing with Nature? Soon, we'll be hosting an online survey where you can let us know what activities and communities call you into weekend retreats - help plan the next evolution of Womankind!

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Frank Arjava Petter teaches the Reiki Gokai

Jikiden Reiki is closely aligned with the Reiki Gokai (Precepts) for Health and Happiness authored by Mikao Usui and its center is the Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai or Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto, Japan.

Just for today

Do not be angry

Do not be worried

Be grateful

Do your duties fully

Be kind to others