Your First Reiki Session? What to Expect

You’ve heard about Reiki for some time now. Maybe a friend or coworker has told you about their Reiki session, or you know a practitioner. Maybe you’re facing a health challenge, going through an emotional shift, or you’re simply curious, and have decided to schedule a Reiki session with me. Now what?

Even though your actual treatment time will be an hour, please allow at least 90 minutes. As a new patient, you’ll complete a brief form of basic information, understanding and authorization. We’ll chat for a few minutes, so that we can get to know each other. Then, I will invite you to lie on the Reiki table to begin the session.

Reiki is given and received fully clothed, and at no time will you be touched in an inappropriate location. You will feel my hands resting gently on different areas; the top of your head, your face, stomach, arms, legs and feet may all be points of contact. Some people don’t like to be touched in certain areas, particularly head or feet, and of course, this is completely respected and you will not be touched there. (Reiki does not require direct physical contact with an affected area).

You may feel warmth or tingling when my hands are in a particular spot, or you may feel no sensations at all. Many people tell me that they thought I was still in one location, such as their feet, and then realized my hands were on their shoulders! Most of all, you will likely feel very relaxed. Some people even fall asleep during a session, which, as I practitioner, I find very complimentary of your experience.

If it feels appropriate and you would like, I may incorporate aromatherapy, gemstones, and/or sound-vibration into your session. While these are not Reiki, they are often complementary to the session experience.

When your session concludes you will have time to gently bring your awareness back to the present moment. Many people report feeling very rested, pains diminished, and an increases sense of wellbeing.

My wish for you is that leave the experience having receive whatever you most needed. 

In Service and Gratitude,

Nikki Anam Cara