Ritual and Ceremony

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Rituals, Ceremonies and Rights of Passage

Some people, especially those who do not subscribe to a particular faith, sometimes perceive the term ritual with something slightly sinister. Perhaps this is a product of Hollywood, reality television and eloquent novelists. But rituals are a part of the human experience and hold within them great potential of honoring, empowering, creating memories and building community.

Sometimes it’s easier to think of ritual by a more comfortable word: ceremony.

A graduation. A wedding. A funeral. A christening, baptism, bat mitzvah. A school reunion. A gathering of loved ones for a sporting event, annual picnic or vacation. These all contain, in varying ways, elements of ritual.

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Any significant life even is worthy of commemoration through a special celebration, designed just for you. Whether it’s moving into a new house, welcoming a new life into your family or saying goodbye to a loved one through death or separation, honoring a life transition to a new job or business, crossing from childhood to adulthood or adulthood to seniorhood, just to name a few.

Ritual can be private – a personal ritual for yourself, a small gathering of  a few close friends – or, it can be a community event.

Together, we will explore your desires, weave the words that speak from your heart and craft movements and sounds that represent your depths of your intention. We will gather meaningful items and symbols that you would like to incorporate into your event. And when the day arrives, all that you need will be present for you to honor this special place in your life’s journey.